The Balatkaar Culture



One middle aged actress, who had started off her career a decade ago with a highly critically acclaimed movie, today doesn’t get a ‘good’ role to play for reasons unknown to me. Bollywood has, probably, been harsh to her. All she could do after all these years of a non-prospering career was to put on loads of makeup, skimpy seducing attires and dance around showing off her assets to the peppy lines of “Kundi mat khadkao raja… Seedha andar aao raja… Ha aah ha… Kundi mat khadkao raja… Seedha andar aao raja… Phool bicha perfume laga ke… Mood banao taaja taaja… Kundi mat khadkao raja… Seedha andar aao raja…” which in Angrezi means “Oh my darling, don’t you knock on the door, but come straight inside… adorn me with flowers and perfumes, freshen up your mood and come straight inside!” Now, you may ask what’s so wrong with that. Everything! Going about its double meaning, the song, basically says, “Oh my darling, you don’t need any permission to have a sexual intercourse with me!” Really? Promise me you won’t make the police run after me!


Another Bollywood star, who still has a well to do career in the film industry, didn’t hesitate to take off half of her clothes and demonstrate her assets while her lipstick covered lips sang “…main to tandoori murgi hun yaar… chatkale saiyya alcohol se…” which again means “Hey sweetheart, I am a delicious piece of tandoori chicken, please have me with a glass of alcohol.” Wow! How magnificent! And why did she do so? Well, she got crores of rupaiyaa!

Days ago another starlet, with a failed career as an actress, got emotional during a promotional event. Gallons of salt water had dribbled down her eyes, smudging the costly branded kaajal, as she, with a heart full of pain, said, “Don’t call the dance songs item numbers. When you call a song item number, you’re referring to the performer as an item. We are not items. We are humans!” I agree, totally! But dear o dear, it’s confusing! If A=B and B=C, then A=C. Remember the old school formula? Now, if You= Tandoori Murgi and Tanduri Murgi= A Delicious Item, then You= A Delicious Item! Isn’t it logical?


Now why am I even talking about this? Does it even make a sense? Well, I believe, it does! Whenever I watch the semi-nude or almost nude tandoori murgis dancing around, I feel a testosterone rush inside my inside. My manhood just springs up, blood rushes into my genital. A sense of embarrassment grips my conservative mindset. By default, I pick up the remote and jump to a news channel, if anyone of my family members is around. And then the news anchor, in his/her attractive accent, reads out “… in yet another harrowing incident, a minor girl was ganged raped and murdered in…” I wonder if the rapists had taken the innocent minor girl for a piece of tandoori murgi which had asked them for sexual favours without its consent!

I watch porn, I eat noodles (noodles, allegedly, triggers you to rape!), I enjoy the groovy music which the denizens call ‘item numbers’, and when my testosterone level is at its zenith, I latch the door and masturbate. I think it’s okay when you don’t have a partner to indulge in sex with! And yes, masturbation doesn’t make you impotent, doesn’t make unwanted babies, doesn’t need anyone’s consent, doesn’t murder anyone’s desire to live, doesn’t kill anyone as well! But rape does!


I googled ‘rape’. Wikipedia defines rape as ‘a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person’s consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, has an intellectual disability or is below the legal age of consent.’ 

I define rape as “something I cannot define, neither can you nor anyone else, given that one of us has undergone the trauma!” A bong superstar had, a few years back, allegedly said, “What’s the fuss about rape? If you’re being raped either shout out loud at the top of your voice or enjoy the intercourse!” Wow! And a Bollywood superstar went way ahead to say, “…I felt like a raped woman!” Woooow!!! I wonder how “I AM A VIRGIN” man can feel like a “RAPED WOMAN”! These show how lightly the trauma has been considered by a section of powerful people who could have given out a much powerful message to the society, the nation and the world. This shows how downtrodden our mindset is, how fragile our moral backbone is!


But are women the only victims? No, even men are. But, in a patriarchal society like ours, a man saying … “I have been raped!” goes unheard and not believed, almost, always. Most of the cases go unreported. The trauma either fails to cross the barriers of the victim’s fear of humiliation or doesn’t sieve out through the family’s concrete walls.

Rape is a shame! The victims are ashamed! The victims are guilty of what was done to them! The victims should close themselves behind the doors! But should they? No, never ever! Yes, rape is a shame, to the society and to the nation! The rapists are the ones who should be ashamed for what they have done! The rapists should be closed behind the bars!

What’s the solution? Very tough to answer!

Where do we need to start? From the grass-root level!

What’s the grass-root level? Family and school!

What should we do? Inject moral values into our children’s veins. Counsel them regularly as they grow up. Enlighten them about sex when they reach a suitable age. Tell them that rape is a crime.

Is this going to help? Probably, yes! We should better be optimistic.

How long is it going to take? A long, long time!

Should girls stop wearing revealing clothes? No, their wish!

Should we stop eating noodles? Your wish, I find noodles utterly yummy!

What should we do when we feel like having sex, but we don’t have a partner(to have consensual sex with) and no money to pay for an escort? Masturbate. Save your pocket money and (secretly) buy yourself a sex toy!

What should we do to protect ourselves? Self help is the best help. Learn marshal art. Break your assaulter’s bones. Pepper spray also helps.

What should Bollywood do? Write more sensible lyrics and scripts.

What should Mr. Khan do? Start ‘Being Human’ or stop selling Tee shirts. Don’t blame your driver every time!

What should we do? Eat, Pray, Love. Do whatever you want to do. Just don’t rape or murder anyone. Live and let live. Make the world a better place!



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  1. Amazing one..
    It felt good to see someone has similar views somewhere.
    Do masturbate but do not rape.
    It’s amazing to be the kind of man who takes a drunk girl to home in hopes that she’ll fall for us me the next day she knows about us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SaucySamosa says:

      Thanks a lot for your response @THE RADICAL VISION. Probably, it’s time we should speak out, send out a message to the world and try out bit to make the world a better place. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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