Fire, fire! Burning tyre!

Tripura, like never before, is suffocating within the clasp of acute fuel crises. Thanks to the perilous situation of NH 44, considered the lifeline of this lush green North Eastern state of India! The NH 44 connects the neighbouring state of Assam to the capital city, Agartala. As the reports go and what the cameras show, the part of the highway lying in Assam was not repaired for at least a decade or two! And who is to be blamed? The government of the land of Bihu (as I have myself been an witness)! It’s not about Congress, CPI(M), BJP or Trinamool, it’s about failed governance. It’s about not performing the duties the government had/has been entrusted with. It’s about misusing the powers that have been bestowed upon the government by its almighty, the public! Last but not the least, where did the funds allotted by the Central Government for the repair of the NH 44 go? Ahaaa… it’s magic… it’s magic… the magician (you know who!) swirls his magic wand, chants Abraa ka Dabraa and the cash becomes air!!! Choooomaaantaaaar!!!


Already a lot has been spoken about, barrels of ink have been run down the pages of newspapers and lots of tyres have been reduced to ashes on the streets of Agartala. So I am not going to add up on that. Rather I am going to dig into the not-too-distant future, which, to almost all of us, has been quite foggy till now. But as soon as the fog evanesces, a nightmare awaits!

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The recent hullabaloo has shown us how impotent we’ve become in the hands of our machines. Travelling without our bikes, scooters and sexy cars seems to be quite impossible, isn’t it? But dear o dear, what are we going to do when Mother Earth has nothing more to offer? What are we going to do when we’ve sucked out all the liquid gold off her bosom? All the trees by then would have turned into furniture for our lavish homes. But oh my! Do remember to save a pile of firewood for your own pyre, for Mother Earth would also have no land for your corpse to rot and no gas for you to be burnt inside the gas chamber.
Yes, of course, you may say we’re going to come up with alternative sources of energy soon! I hope so too. But how efficient are those alternative sources of energy going to be? Are we yet ready to embrace them wholeheartedly? And are our machines capable of running on the energy that they would provide? Right now, the answer is quite vague. But it’s time the Government should take steps to set up and harness those alternative sources of energy.


India has a total coastline of approximately 7,517 km. Tidal energy is one of the best options we have. The states like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala and others are already utilizing the energy obtained from wind-mills. Solar energy is also being harnessed. But for all these alternative sources of energy to reach our homes and the engines of our bikes and cars would, surely, take some time!

Kathi Roll
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So what do we do till then? Hey buddy! You’ve got two legs to walk. Why not buy a bicycle instead? Why not get up on the rickshaw like you used to do when you didn’t have bike? Why waste so much money on the gym? Let’s start walking! Hold your beloved’s hand and take him/her out on a long, breezy evening walk. On the way back home, let’s hop into Big Bazaar and watch a movie. OMG!!! So many delicious fast food outlets! The smells… ummmm… you’re hungry! Let’s grab a chicken tikka roll, relish every bite it and burn the fat while you walk and talk! Does it not sound amazing? Such a life, man!

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Now coming back to the mudda I had started with. What was the use of burning tyres on the streets? Did the oil tankers grow wings? Did they come flying and filled your tanks with oceans of fuel? They didn’t, right? What you did was simply air pollution! You just added to the Carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere and nourished global warming. You are the one going to die of a heat stroke, sad but true! And also, as you had demanded, the ruling government didn’t step down. They didn’t have to, for what you did was simply illogical.

When it comes to politics, I don’t cling on to the tail of any political party. What I’ve always supported is good governance. And I think the present government has been doing quite well. Had they not, I would have supported your voice.

So let’s get over it. Walk and talk. Chill out. And embrace a healthy life!

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